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Elora Rug


SKU: MNI0006

The deep blues and charcoal greys of this synthetic rug mimic the waves of an Autumn Lake Superior, making this one of our personal favourites. The rug works beautifully in so many different settings and with so many different colours that you'll have a hard time deciding which room to put it in! 

Fabrication: Machine Made
Fibre: Polypropylene
Colour palette: 6 colours
Origin: Turkey
Style: Low pile
Care Instructions: 

Synthetic rugs are very forgiving and almost never stain due to the nature of the material, so spot clean with a soft damp cloth, with a little bit of dish soap in warm water, but do not soak.  Vacuum lightly. Although synthetic rugs do not typically slide on wood or laminate floors in the same way that wool rugs do, we recommend using a rug pad to protect your floor from the backing on the rug, and from any debris that gets trapped under the rug.

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