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Modern Desert Homes Around the World

Dimensions: 8.75" x 10.25"
Cover: Hardcover

Description: A visually stunning tour of the world’s most amazing desert homes, featuring incredible photography that might just inspire you to bring “desert vibes” back home.

From renovated Airstreams to sprawling, modern stucco, desert has become the new beachfront when it comes to prime real estate. Artist iO Tillett Wright captures the best of this specific culture that’s thriving wherever deserts are found, from Texas and California in the United States to Chile, Morocco, and Australia. The detailed overview of the lifestyle, which emphasizes living simply, beautifully, and in connection with the earth, is what sets this book apart.

Featuring classic, well-known homes like Georgia O’Keefe’s in Abiquiu, New Mexico, alongside more modern creations like The Solar House in Marfa, Texas, Oasis is the definitive guide to this thrilling trend in home design. With Casey Dunn’s stunning photography, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the most interesting builders, creators, and business owners who are pioneers in the field. You’ll learn the elements that create the balance of intentionality, ease, style, and function that these homes exude, and you’ll feel the do-it-yourself spirit that the creators embody.

Whether you live in the desert or you’re simply inspired by this modern yet laid-back style, Oasis will inspire you to harness the beauty of the desert wherever you are.

Available November 2020.

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