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The Aromatherapy Jar Candle


SKU: RON0001

These Canadian beeswax 'Aromatherapy Jar Candles' are hand poured in Shuniah, Ontario. Beeswax is known for its natural, honey aroma. Available in 3 scents: Naturally (Un)Scented, Lavender and Lemon. 

Estimated burn time: 30+ hours

Dimensions: 2.5"Dia x 3.25"H

Fill Weight: 6 ounces

Care Instructions: For optimal enjoyment, your initial burn time should be 2-3 hours (allow wax to burn to the edges of the jar). Trim your wick to 1/4" before each burn. Beeswax candles burn best when allowed to burn for a minimum of 2 hours at a time, and never longer than 4 hours. 

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