Born into a family of designers, tracing their history to a small fabric store in nineteenth century Québec, Céline Fisk has had a love of all things beautiful for as long as she can remember. Following in the footsteps of her mother and mémère (great-grandma) - both designers - Céline’s creative expressions started in her teens. From hand-tooling fringe jackets to making old jeans into quilts, Céline was always designing and creating. Shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario, with a degree in Anthropology, Céline decided to go back to school to pursue Interior Design.

In 2012, after living in the USA for 8 years, Céline and her family returned to her hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario where she opened a custom drapery business in her basement, called The Design Studio. Céline’s basement business quickly grew and soon began to offer design services. Today, The Design Studio, offers a curated selection of home furnishings, rugs, lighting and decor.

Céline’s belief that the home is where a person should find peace and sanctuary, regardless of what is going on in the outside world, has shaped The Design Studio into the dog-friendly, coffee-fueled, laughter-filled ‘brick and mortar’ store that it is today.

In 2019 Céline decided that it was time to take the amazing selection of quality Canadian-made furniture and goods that The Design Studio carried, and carefully curate, edit and present it to the Canadian and American markets as Crown & Birch. We hope you enjoy, and even if all that you come away with are a few new ideas of how to make your home your own, we’re happy to have helped you to take a few moments for yourself!