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Crown & Birch

78" Pole | Chrome


SKU: DEL0013

High Quality Metal Plated Finishes: Satin-Silver, Chrome, Antique Brass
High Quality Painted Finishes: Black
Collection Diameter: 1.125″
Bracket Length: 6.5′ (78″)

Measuring Tips: 
1. Measure
  • Outside window frame to outside frame
  • Add 2"-8" for panels to rest on either side of window frame when open
  • Add the extra inches needed for decorative finials
  • The total from the 3 measurements above is the amount of horizontal space needed for your drapery rod
2. Determine Rod Placement
  • If not using drapery rings: Measure from bottom of rod to floor
  • If using drapery rings: With drapery attached to the rings, measure from bottom of rod to top of drapery fabric; add this measurement to your drapery length to determine rod placement. 

Cutting to size: These hollow core metal drapery rods can be cut using a hacksaw with a fine cutting blade. Or, as long as you have a fine metal blade, you can use a powered miter saw. To trim your hollow core product to size, simply mark the point where you need to make your cut and use your saw. Before you cut, make certain to remove any finial adapters or plugs from the end of the pole so you can slide them back on when you're finished. Make sure you wear safety glasses or goggles when cutting drapery rods.

*Sold individually. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of in-stock items. 

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