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Colouring Kit | Steve Gerow


SKU: IND0088

The Creative Company Colouring Kitz Volume 2: Steve Gerow

Kit Includes:
  • Colouring Sketchbook | 25 Designs & 25 Blank Pages
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Crayon Set
  • Marker Set
  • Drawing Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener & Eraser

About the Artist: Steve Gerow is a self-taught Canadian Artist born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario and is of Scottish, English and Irish descent. His need to create started at an early age, becoming his source of therapy and survival. Over the past four decades Steve’s style has evolved to include a wide variety of artistic expressions beginning with his first sketch of Soul Boy, a skeletal figure that was representational of his childhood arthritis diagnosis. His doctor coloured in all the joints on his chart to show all the places his body was affected. At the age of 12 Steve began to draw his version of what he saw on his chart on everything...calling him Soul Boy. Steve’s paintings celebrate his fascination and love of the beauty of Northwestern Ontario, stained glass windows, shape and line work from 80’s advertising and the ribcage of his Soul Boy whenever he paints animals. His landscapes will take you on a visual journey using colour and movement to achieve shadow, light and harmony.

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